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    Its objective

    Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores is committed to peace in Colombia, therefore, this scholarship aims to facilitate access to high-quality higher education and provide opportunities for academic training to the victims of the armed conflict in our country.


    The Education for Peace Scholarship, a commitment of Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores with Colombia (Beca Educación por la Paz, un compromiso de la Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores con Colombia) was created with the purpose of promoting access to Higher Education for the most vulnerable communities and providing better opportunities for academic training to victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.

    The Institution will grant 2 annual scholarships for undergraduate programs offered in 5 schools: Communication Sciences; Human and Social Sciences; Law, Political Sciences and International Relations; Engineering and Basic Sciences; and Economic, Administrative and Accounting Sciences. The Institution is committed with equal and non-discriminative education, so it will develop a plan to assist beneficiaries, to guarantee their access and permanence, as well as, their timely and successful graduation. We also envisage the implementation of a curriculum focused on resignification of citizenship.

    What the scholarship consists of:


    • of tuition fees for any of the undergraduate programs offered by the institution.
    • Financial support consisting of two times the legal minimum wage for living expenses.

    Beginning of the initiative:

    On May 31th of 2018, the Institutional Council approved the agreement number nine (9), in which it endorsed this initiative to be implemented as of 2019-1.

    The application process will be open from October 18th to November 30th The final results will be published in December.

    NOMINATIONS OPEN from October 18 to November 30

    Eligible criteria

    • Being Colombian
    • Do not have an undergraduate degree
    • Certification of inclusion in the Victims Registry (Registro Único de Víctimas RUV) or the recognition as a victim of the armed conflict in judicial decisions from the Jurisdiction of Restitution of Land, Justice and Peace or the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.
    • Belonging to one of the municipalities prioritized by the Development Programs with a Territorial Approach (decree 893 of May 28, 2017 or respective regulations).
    • Certification of the state exam –SABER 11. Candidates will be organized from the highest to the lowest pursuant based on the score they got in the exam. Highest scores in relation with national average will be more eligible to be awarded.
    • To fulfil institutional admission requirements.

    What is needed to apply?

    • To prepare a short two-page statement in which you propose a future project, derived from the impact that your academic training would represent for the development of your community, the restoration of rights and the contribution to the construction of stable and lasting peace.
    • To fulfil the requirements described above and attach the requested documents.
    • To be willing to travel to Bogotá to study the selected academic program and meet the requirements for staying in the program. The institution will permanently accompany the process to support the student’s continuity until graduation as a professional.
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    Facebook Twitter YouTuBe Instagram Email Online Radio PQRSF